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Basics By PCO Bar Academy


Having won several national and international mixology awards and competitions, PCO is commonly considered as being India’s topmost cocktail destination. To that end, PCO has launched a bar academy targeted at those who want to pursue a career behind the bar, as a bartender and as a mixologist. 


With a focus on the basics of how to cocktail, this 12 week bartending program goes into the details about cocktail techniques, the history of each drink and the basics of how to buid and craft classic beverages to perfection. With add-on modules such as flair bartending, this program can be customized depending on the interest of participants. Moreover, the top three students will be given practical exposure by working behind a busy bar. 


Furthermore, Basics by PCO also offers shorter modules and workshops for people who are intersted in cocktails although not professionally. Ideal for those who want to learn 6 cocktails that they can serve at their next dinner party. ​

Basics By

PCO Bar Academy


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