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Ping's Bia Hoi, Goa


Bringing its signature quirky and chic experience to Kolkata, Ping’s Cafe Orient offers the metropolis a fresh and original perspective on south-east Asian street food. Focusing purely on the authenticity of flavours and produce, this outlet of Ping’s Cafe Orient is committed to serving heart-healthy food to a discerning audience. With delicacies from across South East Asia, the menu has low- calorie, vegan and gluten-free options, while preserving the goodness of each dish, and will change seasonally to bring new flavours and experiences to the restaurant. Diners can also expect regional festivals—with international travelling chefs, carnivals and even the occasional full-moon party.


Capturing the vibe of a side street in Bangkok, the interiors bring together urban elements such as street lights, wrought iron staircases, & bottle crates for a playful, lively ambience that is perfect for any occasion—be it a family luncheon, after work drinks or a first date. The entire space speaks of ease, fun and flavour—an ode to South East Asia.  


The mezzanine houses a cosy yet high-finish, modern Japanese sake bar, the first of its kind in the country. In addition, the cocktails are an experience in themselves. Mixologists serve twists on classic cocktails such as the Ping Fashioned, the Japanese Cocktail and the Midori Sour. Moreover, they will introduce PCO’s famous ‘Mood Cocktail’ to the city: where a guest can simply state their drink of choice, whether they want their drink sweet , sour or balanced, and let the mixologist surprise him or her. 


Ping's Cafe Orient,



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