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Jamun, Lodhi Colony


Jamun is a regional Indian eatery that celebrates the diversity and the rich heritage of Indian cuisine. With a promise to satisfy the most acute craving for feel-good Indian food, Jamun has curated mix recipes and popular Indian dishes from the Indian heartland that will be served of forgotten in a light and healthful manner, the way they are served up in any home across the country. Much like its namesake fruit, Jamun is a vibrant dining venue, packed with flavour and fun-and peppered with quite a few surprises. 


Brought to you by the creators of PCO, ATM, Ping’s & PDA, this restaurant lays emphasis on the earthy goodness and the inherent organic qualities which are common to all Indian regional cuisine. The non-alcoholic beverage menu boasts of nostalgic Indian favourites, while the cocktail list is a toast to classic cocktails, reimagined with a few, signature twists. With a focus on freshness and ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy, Jamun’s food and beverage menu are about authenticity and honesty, with a slight accent of style.


The Space itself is that of easy eclecticism-a bringing together of boldness of color, with refined marble and copper detailing reflective of the rich heritage of our country. Moreover, key features of the restaurant include a revolving retail space that showcases the best quality artisanal foods, potted pickles and chutneys, organic produce, and even Indian arts and handicrafts. Bringing together the evolved and the traditional, the Jamun experience is a celebration of India.




Lodhi Colony


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