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PCO (Pass Code Only)


Perhaps the first and most identifiable thing about PCO (Pass Code Only) is the lack of signage. Instead, the entry to this hidden cocktail haven is marked only by an unassuming phone booth, where patrons type in the entry code to access this two-level drinking den.

While the entry helps keep this bar under-the-radar, PCO has gotten much acclaim nationally and internationally thanks to its award-winning cocktails and expert mixologists. Since opening its doors, PCO has won almost every F&B award including Best Bar in New Delhi for six years in a row, Bar with Best Ambience, Best cocktail and Best mixologist in India. Moreover, it is consistently featured on the World's 500 Best Bars list and has made it on to the prestigious 50 Best Discovery List in 2021. 

Inspired by the tradition of making a perfect cocktail, PCO is the first genuine speakeasy in India and has always focused on classic pre-prohibition and prohibition cocktails, and takes pride in executing these to perfection. Moreover, the completely bespoke Mood Cocktail™ encourages patrons to allow PCO mixologists to create a cocktail specifically for them--based on their mood, spirit of choice and flavour preferences. 

Furthermore, PCO is in the process of innovating its cocktail program. In 2021, it will be launching a mixologist-driven cocktail kitchen and lab to encourage mixologists to experiment with different techniques including fermentation, barrel-aging, clay aging, using local spices and herbs, and much more. The idea is to continue evolving the cocktail list, twist classic cocktails, and showcase contemporary trends to the industry and PCO's loyal patrons.


OUR COMMITMENT We will continually work to create a safe, secret space for our guests to connect with their friends and loved ones and share a few hours of merriment over a drink or two... or however many their heart desires. 


ENTRY Guests require a Pass Code that changes weekly and is sent out to a private list of patrons and friends. 

CONTACT INFO | +91 97111 08482



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