PCO (Pass Code Only)


Inspired by the tradition of making a perfect cocktail, PCO is a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar located in Vasant Vihar in South Delhi. At PCO, we focus on the quality and preparation of our cocktails-- which range from classic cocktails to our completely bespoke Mood cocktail. Our food menu is simple and wholesome, with a focus on robust, lively flavors. 


Since we have opened our doors, we have catered to those who know, those who need something new, and most importantly those who care. A true hideaway in Delhi, PCO has garnered much acclaim, including winning national and international awards, including the Times of India Food & Nightlife Best Bar—Luxury Night Out for two years in a row, and Best Cocktail. 


OUR COMMITMENT We will continually work to create a safe, secret space for our guests to connect with their friends and loved ones and share a few hours of merriment over a drink or two... or however many their heart desires. 


ENTRY Guests require a Pass Code that changes two to three times a week and is sent out to a private list of patrons and friends.