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PDA (PCO-DIVA Agenzia)


Bringing together two of Delhi's most talked about brands-cocktail bar PCO & Italian restaurant DIVA, PDA (PCO-Diva Agenzia), is an intimate martini bar on the ground floor of Ritu Dalmia's long-running DIVA Restaurant in GK 2. 


Redefining chic, this new bar has taken the classic Italian elements of a taverna and given it a modern twist for a truly timeless and cozy experience for its patrons. Catering to those who crave a beautifully stirred martini after-work or those who want to unwind with some nibbles and infused-floral negronis at night, PDA is all about elegant comfort. 

A pun on Public Display of Affection, PDA celebrates all expressions of love and equality and is a space that has programs, performances, & talks to engage its like-minded, well-traveled clientele. In true Italian fashion, PDA does all-day aperitivo, where we serve a nibble with every cocktail ordered, so those who want to drop by after work for a drink will get a bite on the house.As space is limited, reservations are encouraged. 






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