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Ping's Cafe Orient, New Delhi


Bringing something new to the capital, Ping’s Cafe Orient is about ‘responsible dining’. This environmentally-friendly,  healthy Asian street food restaurant is fun and casual, yet quirky and chic. The urban Asian brasserie brings fresh, authentic South East Asian street food to New Delhi with a menu that presents street food the way it was originally prepared—using farm-fresh ingredients, freshly-ground spices and herbs to bring out the robust flavours of the cuisine.


With delicacies from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Burma, Japan and the Philippines, the menu has low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free options, while preserving the authentic goodness of each dish. Even the fried food, like the Korean chicken wings, is made in heart-healthy oils  

such as canola, sunflower and peanut.

The interiors bring together modern street elements such as street lights & bottle crates for a playful, lively ambience that is perfect for any occasion —be it a casual dinner with family (you can ask for the separate kids menu), a luncheon with friends or a celebration of any kind.


The cocktails are also central to the Ping’s experience—with seasonal, South East Asian twists on classic cocktails such as The Miso Mary, the Ma Collins and the Singapore Sling. In addition, several healthy no-added sugar mocktails using tender coconut water, and on-site pressed juices are also highlights of the place. There is also a small beer garden, reminiscent of Vietnam, to unwind on a long, communal table with special deals on beer.

Ping's Cafe Orient,

New Delhi​


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