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Established in 2012, Pass Code Hospitality is a boutique hospitality firm that has quickly become one of the brand leaders in the F&B industry in India. The company owns and operates five brands in the Indian capital city: award-winning cocktail bar PCO, highly-acclaimed modern European bistro & private members club ATM, popular South East Asian restaurant Ping's Cafe Orient, Italian-style martini bar PDA and regional Indian restaurant Jamun.


Since its inception, the firm has specialized in finding and filling niches in the dynamic food and beverage space by creating original concepts and experiences for diners. By developing a variety of offerings and brands, the company can service almost any need for diners-including events, off-site caterings, and other bespoke services.


Sister concerns also include Worship Salon & Spa, Gentlemen & Tonic and Kerala Ayurveda Spa and Clinic.


At Pass Code, we know that every consumer has choices, and our goal is to ensure that our patrons continually choose us. To that end, Pass Code Hospitality is focused on putting out a high-quality product that is not only good one time but is consistent and reliable. By ensuring that customers get more than what they expect, we believe that we will remain relevant to our patrons.


Furthermore, the tenets of the company include going that extra mile to ensure that guests have a personalized experience, feel warmly welcomed, and leave satisfied. Our staff is empowered to do their best to make sure that guests have a great experience and are keen to visit us again.


As an organization, our mission is multifold. We believe that:

1. The food and beverage served at all our outlets must be of the highest quality available. We do not compromise on quality and do not take short-cuts in the delivery, preparation or service of food or beverage

2. Our primary purpose is to serve our patrons to the best of our ability by making them feel comfortable and well-taken care of

3. Staff satisfaction is an important foundation in this industry and we will do our best to cultivate a healthy and positive work environment for our teams

4. It is important to work with the best in the industry as it facilitates learning, collaborating and growing our own repertoire of skills and offerings

5. In order to stay relevant, we must continually reinvent our products and services and improve our offerings. This is vital to the longevity of each outlet and the organization as a whole


Pass Code Hospitality has built a reputation for creating high-end, niche food and beverage experiences. We will work to continually surprise our patrons by doing the unexpected, and create interesting dining experiences that are not only new to India, but are original in a global context. Our eventual vision is to continue to expand our outlets nationally and eventually internationally, until the globe is dotted with our niche boutique F&B ventures.

We understand that in order to achieve this, it is imperative that everyone works together as a team and we are always happy to listen to any idea or suggestion that any of our colleagues may have to help us as a firm achieve these goals.

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