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At Pass Code, we know that every consumer has choices, and our goal is to ensure that our patrons continually choose us. To that end, Pass Code Hospitality is focused on putting out a high quality product that is not only good one time Read more


As an organization, our mission is multifold. We believe that:

The food and beverage served at all our outlets must be of the highest quality available. We do not compromise on quality and do not take short-cuts in the delivery, preparation or service of food or beverage Read more


Pass Code Hospitality has built a reputation for creating high-end, niche food and beverage experiences. We will work to continually surprise our patrons by doing the unexpected, and

create interesting dining experiences that are not only new to India Read more


Established in 2012, Pass Code Hospitality is a boutique hospitality firm that has quickly become one of the brand leaders in the F&B industry in India. Read more

Our Boutique Hospitality Ventures
making everyday a bit better
À Ta Maison Private Mem
Pass Code Only
PCO Catering
Ping's Cafe Orient
Ping's Cafe Orient, Kolkata

Celebrate With Us!

We at Pass Code Hospitality, understand that your special occasions, no matter how big or small, make for the fondest memories. Moreover, we know that everyone has their own individual vision as to how they want to celebrate--be it throwing a surprise birthday for a loved one, hosting a sit down gala dinner, or planning the perfect Sangeet. We are committed to making sure that your event goes off exactly as you would like. 


If you would like us to help you to celebrate and commemorate your special occasion, please fill up this form in as much detail as you can so that we may prepare some options for you. Once we receive the form, we shall call you at your convenience to discuss your event further.


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