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The Hotel Crescent, Panjim, Goa


The first and the highest rooftop restobar in Goa. Inspired by the national drink of Turkey, raki, a liqueur made of twice-distilled grapes and anise, this plush space is the first in the country to serve Raki. The drink raki is also called the lion’s milk because of its cloudy appearance and at Raki it is served as an aperitif.


This 55-seater upbeat restobar offers a modern twist to Mediterranean dishes along with their wide variety of cocktails created to showcase the versatility of flavours and colours of Goa. Designed by Rahul Gomes Pereira, Head Chef at Raki, the menu includes a variety of dishes. The interiors of Raki are luxurious yet minimalistic, with a play of rose gold and teak wood, accessorized with gray and teal furniture. Raki has been designed by Archizi Designs keeping in mind the feel of a lavish penthouse with a 180 degree view of the Miramar coastline, a sun-roof for a ceiling, an exquisite bar and with indoor dining and bar seating, and outdoor lounge seating.


The experience at Raki would not be complete without a mention of their cocktail menu. Bringing in the Australian expertise, Kartik Davray, our in-house mixologist, designed the menu offering some classics and Goa inspired cocktails like Alphonso Punch, Beyond the Horizon, Tokyo to Beirut, and of course the Lions Milk.

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