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For clients looking to set up a full bar at their homes, PCO offers a one-stop solution. Ideal for those who entertain at home often, our experts will help you make sure your bar is fully stocked with the most useful and impressive equipment—from deciding what shaker is best suited for their home bar to helping to chose glassware to giving them a list of ideal bar stock to keep at all times so that they can entertain impromptu. Additional services such as teaching them 4 cocktails, curating a wine list and creating bespoke bar experiences. 




We have handled the complete bar, from set up to execution, for a select few clients across the country. Be it developing bespoke cocktail menus or organising specific glassware, we do everything to cater to the theme of the event and help our clients’ celebrate their big day in the style the want. Ranging from brunches of 10 people to weddings of 1000, we do everything within our power to cater to our clients’ vision. When you choose PCO for the bar at your event, we offer a full range of services to make sure that your event is executed perfectly—and do our best to adhere to your theme, wishes and fancies.  


When we come on board to execute an event, we commit to:
* Sending our award-winning mixologists to your event

* Doing the cocktail and bar Menu consultation
* Assisting with alcohol purchase or consultation, if needed
* Working with decorators to thematically style the bar & bar display
* Glassware consultancy (and procurement, if necessary) 

* Liquor license consultation and procurement, if needed

* Pairings cocktails with courses, if needed

* Serving bespoke cocktails

* Special features such as our trademarked “bottle-fashioned bar” or “infusions  lab"


* DLF Family wedding, Mussourie

* Godrej family event, Mumbai

* Jindal Wedding, Jodhpur

* TVS Motor family wedding, Chennai                             

* Bharti Mittal family event, Delhi

* Times Group, Delhi     

* Mira-Exim Group, Recurring Events Delhi

* Jindal Stainless Steel Wedding, Delhi

* Eros Group Wedding Delhi

* Hero Group, Recurring Events

* Shivan & Narresh Designs, Delhi


PCO Beverage Concierge & Catering


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