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Rakshay Dhariwal is a Delhi based entrepreneur, whose ventures focus on luxury-lifestyle in the hospitality industry. He started his career in 2008 by taking the franchise of Kerala Ayurveda and setting up several Ayurvedic Wellness Centers in Delhi. In 2012 he made his mark on the F&B industry in India by launching the award winning speakeasy-styled cocktail bar, PCO and has since opened several boutique F&B ventures in Delhi, and is looking to expand each of his brands by launching 30 new restaurants and bars all over the world in the next 8 years. 


Rakshay has lived and studied in India, Australia, South Africa, Hungary, Philippines, Singapore and the USA. He studied Marketing in Telecommunications from Indiana University - Bloomington. He can often be found in the private room of PCO, sampling cocktails and doing menu trials. 

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